All Lockers Must Be Emptied and Unlocked

陈秭芊 / C / Ziqian Chen — Instruction Manual #C

Each day society wakes up in the same room and follows the same path, living each day as yesterday, obeying rules formulated by a powerful majority. The world is discovered through a textbook which is written to train the population to conform to the rules of society. We sit and regurgitate what we are told. We are tested and graded on the things learnt from the textbook, like subjects in a lab, raised to be no different, just mechanically repeating life day by day.

This project is a collective instruction manual of flyers that instructs users on how to use objects and their functions step-by-step. Yet they are ‘reinstructed’ instructions that subvert the assumed, familiar and universal methods of usage into humorously incorrect ways.

I instructed myself and my world.