All Lockers Must Be Emptied and Unlocked

Yanghan Ma — Analysis of Newspapers

Utilising the front pages of the UK’s top ten national newspapers over the course of one week, this study explores the elements that influence contemporary typography in print media. There are five perspectives from which to conduct the analysis: format, grids, typeface, colours and layers. Within this, I have raised seven elements that arguably influence the typography: price, technology, internal requirements, social status, level of education, language and politics.

In addition, this project is exploring evidence to suggest of the larger influence typography has on other spheres of culture; how it has adapted throughout history and has impacting changing times. However, as this study still requires practical experimentation or the use of a field survey to unveil more abundant direct evidence, its conclusion remains hypothetical. Though it is likely that in future studies more factors will be identified whilst other elements remain unproven, this research is nonetheless a positive starting point for an investigation of this field.