All Lockers Must Be Emptied and Unlocked

Tommaso Russo — Emerging Contexts

Music as a communication design outcome can provide the same level of expression that visuality offers in the discipline. The underused nature of music in design is a missed opportunity for delivering complex multifaceted messages of understanding to the receiver, due to the sonic medium’s non-passive nature. To analyse this potential, this project is developed out of three overarching strands: music as non-semantic language, theory of the creative process, and aleatoricism.

Emerging Contexts is an experimental podcast format that seeks to function as a representation of Central Saint Martins, through 5-minute weekly episodes.

Inspired by David Byrne’s methodology of lyric creation through the impulsive singing of unplanned words on music, the format applies automatic writing principles to content for a radio broadcast. Thus, Emerging Contexts is born as a podcast about creative processes; a neutral container for procedural experimentations of sound, dialogue and music that involved a collective of Central Saint Martins students committed to potency of de-contextualisation.

As the stories of the Granary Building live on through this sonic casing, the question remains: “How to have nothing to say, but saying it anyway?”.