All Lockers Must Be Emptied and Unlocked

Pyungguk Choi — Geunae World

In current Korean society, young people’s indifference towards politics is an ongoing social issue. One cause can be attributed to the Korean president’s favour of the ruling classes, going against her previous word. Others cite her general ‘improper performance’. Either way it is crucial to engage in this matter, and this project aims to encourage young people to take notice of the country’s politics through maintaining a critical outlook on government.

In this work, diverse media is utilised as an autobiographical communication tool to comment on Korean president Geunhye Park and the government. ‘Geunae Bak’ is an 3D avatar of Park with frank and fun characteristics, commenting on the problems surrounding her governance through the mediums of broadcasting, social media and video gaming. Let’s see what Geunae Bak has to say.