All Lockers Must Be Emptied and Unlocked

Mi Gyeong Lim — How to preserve old houses and environments in a rapidly regenerating city

A house is one of the most important entities in the building of identity. It maintains history and thus its destruction is the erasing of a part of one’s life. Yet housing is a reflection of society and regeneration evidences social development. So how can the two coexist?

Preservation does not mean the saving of structures as relics in a museum. It is an interface where the old and the new generations share stories together. It becomes a part of new user’s lives so that they can experience stories of the old environment. It allows for a new space to be enriched with unique identity of diverse histories.

“How to design a Piloti" is an activity through which the former and new resident participate, creating a meaningful place that preserve previous environments. The Pilotis is a semi-public space that residents and non-residents share together, an example being the Central Saint Martins’ ping-pong table area. Thus, through designing Piloti's elements; a wall, a doorbell, or lighting- our old houses and personal stories are preserved together with the next generation in the redeveloped city.