All Lockers Must Be Emptied and Unlocked

Kyung Won Yoo — Point of Sale

The mass media has fascinated populations with unattainable images of perfection, encouraging consumption to reach ideal fantasies and desires. Unconscious impulse takes hold without a consideration of the repercussions of aimless buying. This is a complex process that is ever-present in a modern world where everything is instantaneous.

This project analyses futile desire in a consumer society and the manipulated desires of the everyday consumer, thus subverting this phenomenon’s structure in form of the spatial and visual language of shopping. Utilising the receipt as the symbol of aimless acquisition, the printer highlight its repetitious superficiality. The self-initiated aspect aims to arouse the attention of those who indulge in reckless and thoughtless shopping, creating a platform that shows the extent of addiction of empty desire, consumption, addiction and false expectations that often exist unquestioned.

Furthermore, “Point of Sale” attempts to consider the social role of designers who maintain a critical eye on a society of consumption, yet is also often inherently part of it. Thus this project communicates with an ability to visualise the mind and presenting an opportunity to understand identity.