All Lockers Must Be Emptied and Unlocked

Chilam Chan / 陳祉霖 — ‘Conversation’/ Conversation

This project is centred around two conversations. The first allows interviewees to draw their memories on a map; participants record a visual journey that narrates their own experience. The second conversation is collective sharing of their daily route to King’s Cross, sharing memories with one another.

Maps entail a poetic, unique and imaginative experience. They contain the past, present and future. This collaborative mapping process is a method of encouraging individuals to record the details of their everyday routes and journeys which normally may be missed, thus allowing an enriched interaction with the city. Thus, the maps produced are not accurate or functioning; in fact the following of such a guide would result in getting lost. However it is full of people’s memories and imagination.

Ultimately, this will also allow people who work and study in the same area to increase communications with each other, assisting in the building of communities.