All Lockers Must Be Emptied and Unlocked

Autcha Puttipanpluck — Pattern as a cultural language

Ornament, in the context of this project, is more than just visuality in terms of simple decorative elements. This project explores its truly plural aesthetics, visual language and the essence of ornament within different cultures and times. It aims to question the roles of ornament and pattern in contemporary life by studying their power, their key functions and their appropriation over history.

With an intent to challenge the preconceived notions of ornament and pattern as “extravagant” and “unnecessary”(Loos, 1908), this project seeks to prove that "Ornament and pattern is [NOT] a crime in 21st century." (Loos, 1908). Instead, these cultural forms have long histories, and are linked to the human need for sensual expression and communication. The kinds of cultural diversity which ornament and pattern express are invaluable.

This work is a reminder of these notions, utilising effective design solutions that implement the visual language of ornament and pattern to provide a platform for interaction and a productive communicative medium. In this resect, it is a global window into the history and cultures of this world.