All Lockers Must Be Emptied and Unlocked

Aude Rouaux — Embracing The Technological Unknown

On a daily basis, technology is embraced and allowed to be a means of facilitating daily lives, to the extent where man and machine are increasingly becoming indistinguishable. However, without specific knowledge about how it works, we remain unaware of its potential effects.

This project tries to raise awareness of the side effects of our daily use of technological tools; interrogating the future of the human-machine relationship. This takes place in a context in which we have entered into a race to make computers more intelligent than us.

Through different kinds of design experiences, this project seeks to expose the fundamental incompatibility between humans and machines. It tries to shatter preconceptions, to make smart technologies seen in a different light. The purpose is to ask us to question the future of smart machines in order to start a discussion about ethics, values and ontology.